Quick tips to Combine Marketing and SEO for Competitive Search Traffic

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Many people have often misconceptions about marketing and SEO. They don’t realize that these two cannot grow separately unless combined in one campaign since they complement each other. By integrating your content marketing efforts with your SEO techniques in its implementation, you’ll be able to increase your qualified search traffic at a faster rate.

SEO is about optimizing the website in order to achieve higher rankings in the organic search. There are 3 main pillars of SEO: technical SEO, on-site SEO and off-site SEO.

Meanwhile, content marketing refers to sharing valuable information to target audience who will benefit from the information and will perceive you and your company as experts in a particular field. In the end, your expertise will pave way for people to buy your products or services.

In general, there are numerous ways which attest that marketing and SEO works hand in hand and one of them is SEO states the requirements while the content marketing satisfies the desired requirements.

Here are quick tips in combining marketing and SEO efforts to create competitive search traffic:

1. Create content based on keyword data.

Focus on creating pages that are highly relevant from a keyword and visitors’ perspective. If your blog/site is not authoritative, you need to proactively work to build relationships and outreach to get people talking/linking about your article. You should be writing based on what your visitors want to read by and mention keywords you want to target. You can find the keywords through the use of some Google analytic reports. Once you have a list of keywords you needed, you can start creating content around them, expecting the topics might as well benefit your visitors.

2. Aim to craft high-quality content to increase search traffic

You should write more comprehensive articles as it will help increase your search engine rankings. If you are successful in improving your articles, you will be able to increase your search engine traffic. There is also correlation in the increase came to pages that had an average word count words versus lesser words where there’s no increase in search traffic. Once you have improved your writing enriched with details, start shifting your focus to increasing the quantity of your writing.

3. Add some FAQs and customers’ concerns

Know what your customers’ need. Get the concerns or questions your visitors and an FAQ section that answers them. In doing so, it will help you start ranking for terms relevant to your product.

This won’t drive the traffic, but the traffic you do acquire will be highly relevant search traffic that converts.  You will notice that those visitors tend to convert into paying customers.

4. Target industry blogs for guest-posting opportunities

If you want to increase your relevant traffic, you should consider to post only on relevant sites and by making sure that your site will benefit the readers. Create more links you to get higher rankings. Target the industry-related blogs so that you will build relevant links that drive relevant traffic.

5. Focus on indirect conversions

Another strategy could be concentrating on ways to help your ideal customers with their problems through your blog content. It will create traffic from random search terms that are related to your industry. Consequently, will also increase number of visitors who will also later on benefit from indirect conversions.

6. Don’t forget to cross-link

Adding content to your site isn’t enough. You have to cross-link your content in order to increase the search traffic.  Just be careful if you own multiple domains, make sure that you do things correctly in order to gain the maximum advantage of doing so.