5 Web Design Tips for Beginners

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Web design has become a popular demand in the world today since everyone uses the internet nowadays. If you are a beginner and wants to take up web design, here are five tips that you should know:


One of the biggest rookie mistakes in web design is they don’t sketch up a plan first. Make a sketch in your notebook about how you want the website to look, then connect the different pages with arrows. That way, you will know how each of your pages relate to each other, making it easier and free of mistakes.


A theme is important in designing a website. It gives your visitors a first-impression on what your website is all about, thus the popular phrase “Show, don’t tell”. In choosing a theme, you can start off with a color palette, and you can create your own or get some ideas on the internet. The general rule is that there is a main color, a complementary color, then two neutral colors.


A crowded website is no different than a cluttered table. It is a mess to look at, and it makes the visitors lose their interest in your webpage. One important tip to remember is to use white or negative spaces to make your site much more readable. It can also be used to give emphasis on other parts of your website, so use them accordingly.


Other than making it simple for visitors to easily understand, it also helps if you put pictures to make it visually appealing. You can also format these photos to give emphasis on the items that you want your visitors to focus on. However, when adding a picture, make sure that it is copyright-free in order to avoid problems in the future.


With the rise of cellphones and tablets today, more and more people are viewing websites through mobile devices. When designing websites, we usually view from through a computer, but you should also optimize it to be mobile-friendly. That way, mobile visitors will not get disappointed when they navigate your website.