Practical Tips to Sell Anything To Anyone

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Wherever you go you always have to sell, may it be in business, in a job interview, or making relationship with people.

Imagine yourself when you get anything you want just because you know how to sell. So, what makes somebody different from others? It’s their ability to sell something.

Fortunately, there’s some science behind this. Here are those 5 proven strategies.

  1. Rule of Authority – we tend to follow people who got command and authority. When we get it from authoritative website, newspapers, or TV station, no matter how ridiculous they say, we take time to understand and follow the trend. You have to be credible to sell that products. If you are selling medical products, you can mention that you are a Medical Doctor and you’ve been in practice for over 15 years. Do you know that, by just saying, “science says” increase your sales.
  2. Having someone to like you – if you sell something to a person without having him like you, selling right away will just turn them to repel. So what are the things that you can do to make people like you: a) find similarities or commonalities, b) give compliments, c) cooperate and jive with their goals. So first, find something similar between you like liking baseball and all. The percentage of getting sale gets higher once you will like the same in some aspects of your life.
  3. Give and take – we feel obligated to give something if we were given. When there’s a b-day party we give gifts as we feel like we are obligated to give something in return of the favor you received from before. In application to your sale, you can always give a kind behavior if you have to material thing to give as this makes them feel obligated to be nice to you as well. Be always someone to give. Make it feel natural and be sincere in giving.
  4. Principle of social proof- when we look at the people is getting a new Iphone, we most likely get one. If the advertiser says that the product is the fast-growing product on their space, they don’t have to tell that their products is good because if everyone is using it, the product mus just be right to purchase. It almost impossible that everyone is wrong. So 99%of people look up to others. We want to be like someone else.
  5. Scarcity- people always want to have more of what’s least available. Why is diamond more expensive than gold? It is because we feel like we are in scarce. The idea of loss plays a large role in human decision making. People seem to be motivated by the thought of losing something than gaining something of equal value. Convincing people to go to the gym is always more effective by what they are losing over what they are gaining from going to the gym. When a product is in short, and if you don’t get it now, you may wait for another season for it to produce.

Those principles that were mention are actually deriving from the book of Robert Chialdini entitles the “The Psychology Influene of Persuasion.”